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​Physical Function Evaluation

​Do you have any of these problems?

​I often do things like walking myself for health prevention, but sometimes I want advice from an expert


​The percentage of people living in Toyono who need support is higher than the national average, and I get the impression that there are many people who are highly conscious of health prevention, probably due to the local characteristics. . It is possible to implement even more effective preventive training by receiving evaluations from experts, rather than just training on your own. Efficiency improves even with the same exercise time, and more effects can be expected.

​My parents live in Toyono-cho, but I can't go home often because they live far away, so I'm worried about my parents' recent health situation.


I think that there are many times when children live far away and their parents are worried about their physical condition. Many people stretch themselves over the phone so as not to worry about it, so I think they will be happy to use it as a gift from their children.

​Self-governing associations, etc. are actively carrying out 100-year-old gymnastics and other training, but I would like an expert to come and give me advice.

I think that there are many organizations that are active on a daily basis in activities at the residents' association level and other regional activities. One of the things I often hear is that our activities are getting stuck in a rut and are undergoing trial and error. Occasionally, the added value such as moderate tension by experts, construction of new motivation, interaction with different generations, etc. is immeasurable.

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