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Thoughts behind the name Re:LiFe+

Each part of the name has a specific meaning.

I would like to combine them and do my best as follows. Everyone, thank you for your guidance and encouragement!!


  1. Rediscover the charm of Toyono Town

  2. Continue to grow day by day, cherishing connections with people one by one

  3. Develop projects that can energize the people of Toyono, people involved in Toyono, and people who will be involved in Toyono in the future.

*The dot above the “L” in the logo stands for adult, contrasted with the “i” next to it for children. We encourage all people, from children to adults, to take root in the community.

Re: about, regarding

Re  rehabilitation




LiFe Life Vitality health

+     connection new hope


​Representative profile

Worked as a physical therapist for 11 years at Hakuhokai Central Hospital in Amagasaki City. As a leader in the field of long-term care insurance (visit rehearsal/outpatient rehearsal), he has experienced on-site management and operation from the start. Feeling a sense of crisis about the depopulation of Toyono Town, he opened Re:LiFe+ in November 2022 to contribute to the community. From April 2023, we will start a health support business “Jibuniro” that makes use of our experience.




  Dementia care specialist

  Welfare Environment Coordinator Level 2

  Lifestyle Prevention Advisor


  Japanese Physical Therapy Association

  Japan Visiting Rehabilitation Association

  Japan Physical Therapy Association Designated Manager 


 Self-reliant Support Community Care Conference Advisor (R3/4 Amagasaki City)

Hiroshi Asano

​Representative's private








Blood type:






Ohio, USA (age 0-7)

Toyono-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka (7 years old and over)

Higashi Tokiwadai Elementary School → Yoshikawa Junior High School

→ Osaka Prefectural Minoh High School → Aino University

Type A (AO) who is methodical and sometimes suitable

Camping, home gardening, DIY, tropical fish

Soccer: Elementary 1st to High 3rd​, Baseball: USA,

basketball, swimming, skiing, snowboarding

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