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​Conducting seminars

​Do you have any of these problems?

​I want a little change because activities are becoming hard


​​Please contact us if the theme is related to physical function, such as if you would like each organization to dig deeper into the theme that you are interested in on a regular basis. We can also help you with specific training methods, tips on how to move in your daily life, and ingenuity in your living environment.

​The number of staff with back pain is increasing, and I would like to know who I can consult on a daily basis, such as points for assistance methods.

We have a track record of holding seminars such as moving movements and positioning at home-visit nursing care offices and facilities for the elderly. It is also possible to examine nursing care methods and adjust the environment, assuming specific cases. Nursing care is a skill, and it will not improve without practice. Even if you are not good at it, as you repeat it, it will become your own, so why not practice together?

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