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​Frequently Asked Questions

Does nursing care insurance apply?

​Sorry. This business is a non-insurance service. In addition, combination with care insurance service is possible.

What is the difference from home-visit rehabilitation?

I am qualified as a physical therapist, but I cannot practice medicine, so I will provide training at home.

Is it possible to try it out?

Of course it is possible. You can take a trial for ¥3500, which is 50% off the regular price.

Where is the visiting area?

The basic area is Toyono, but depending on the schedule, We may be able to visit your area, so please contact us to check.

Will the person in charge change?

As of April 2023, there will be no change as there is only one representative.

Is there a fixed time to use the service?

Basic usage is 60 minutes, and it is possible to extend in 10-minute increments. Please contact us for detailed information.

I would like to be updated on how my parents are doing.

If you would like a written report, there will be an additional cost, but it is possible.

What kind of services can you provide?

We will present the service contents according to the customer's needs. We can provide direct support for physical function approaches, environmental adjustments such as housing and movement methods, and activities.

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