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Health Prevention Training Visible from a 'to do list' by a Physical Therapist

We are planning to hold a regular event every week!!

This project will be titled "Health Prevention Training Visible from a 'to do list' by a Physical Therapist".

All participants will be asked to create a list of things they want to do or achieve, and from that list they will be able to check the physical functions they need. In addition, we will also consider points and training that can be devised to actually make it happen. If the participants could have an opportunity to gain "hope" and "vitality" to live their lives through this, I will become extremely happy.

Even if you say, "I don't have anything I want to do!!", you may discover new things through talking together. When you find a goal, nature and energy will spring up! Why don't you spend an exciting and exciting time together?

Date: Every Wednesday 13:00-17:00

Venue: Toyonoteine Community Space

Inquiries/Reservations: Re:LiFe+ Asano 080-8584-8224

       *Reservations are given priority (2 people per time slot).

Participation fee: ¥1,000 (for materials, physical function evaluation, training provision)


On the day of the event, please come in suitable clothes that allow your joints to move freely. We have drinks available.

There is no parking lot, so please use nearby coin parking.

The organizer will be Re:LiFe+, so please contact Re:LiFe+ above for inquiries.

If you would like to participate on the day, but are too far away to go, please contact us. It is also possible to respond individually as a separate visit service on a different day (visit fee: ¥1000 separately).

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